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Is it worth it?

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http:// So tired of looking for a good preowned:banghead3 , you see a deal, go their and it is sitting on its rims in a field:crybaby: so I was looking at new again, seems alot for this trade in.:hide:
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In my opinion, it's a bit too much. He is trying to sell it for basically the same price as a new tractor. I know he says it will have a full warranty and it only has 16-18 hours on it, but the truth is, it's not new, it's used. It could turn out to be a good deal for you, but personally I think the price needs to come down a few hundred.
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MSRP $2849, so this is being offered at $350 below MSRP. Seeing as MSRP is just that, "suggested" retail price, I would expect brand new (not used) to already come in somewhere below MSRP. So I don't think you're getting much of a deal here.

I don't know the resale values of this particular model but 16 hours, while low, isn't insignificant. Personally I'd be looking for at least $500 off new to start, even with 1 hour on it. (well, not if that 1 hr was just driving around the dealer lot, but obviously that's not the case here.) At 18 hrs, maybe $750 to $1000 off.

For instance, I bought my i1050 used (from a dealer - it was a trade-in) with 60 hrs on it for $1600 compared to $3500 new. That's $2000 off and less than half price.

But that's just me. I'll wait a long time (and miss a lot of opportunities) waiting for a good deal. If you're in a hurry, and if the dealer stands behind fixing any surprises down the road, this one might be reasonable.
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I'd pass. They are offering it at $100 less than a brand-new out of the box unit. Current sale price (per the Cub website) is $2599 on an SLTX1054.

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