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Is It Worth It....

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To have my garden tractor cart dustless blasted before I paint it?? I spoke to a dustless blasting fellow and he says it would be $150 to do it. I also would like to blast my stepdads cart as a birthday present and he said it would be $150 for that one too, so $300 for both carts total.

I don't think the price is that bad, but I would like it a bit lower. Even if I could get it down to $85 maybe $100 each that would be a bit better for my wallet.

What does everyone think of the price before I commit to maybe doing this?

Thanks everyone in advance for your opinions/advice.

Here is the thread for my trailer....
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I think it may be an OHIO Steel Products did get it for a great price...I don't know if it at all worth investing the money to blast them...the one in your pictures is missing the back door flap....if you already have a good compressor, you can find a sand blaster on CL or FB for under a them both and still have the blaster for future projects...the only problem is that the medium leaves a mess behind...unless you can do it inside a small building and sweep and vacuum it all up...good luck with it Eric
if you use glass (it's basically sand) medium, do it on your lawn - you'll never notice the bit of extra sand....
but be very careful not to get the stuff in your eyes - it's easy to do when you're blasting the stuff with compressed air...
A face shield or safety glasses is not enough - stuff still ends up in your eyes, your hair etc (don't ask how I know)... you need goggles that fully enclose your eyes. A good dust mask or respirator (old lead based paint?).... and when you're done, go have a shower before you do anything else.
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