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Is it too early.....

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to start talking about the Wheel Horse Collector's Show??? I'm already whining and wheedling my wife to go this year. I need the specs., when, where, lodging.
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Rich, you will find what you need here:

look for lodging around Arendtsville, Pa.
I'm getting ready NOW!! Got the time off. Hope to stay in Carlisle this time. Getting there on Fri. A.M. at 3:00 and having to leave by 1 or 2 is not going to cut it this time!
Gettysburg is about as close as you are going to find available lodgeing..

One year I went , it coincidced with the Carlisle Chevy show, and one year it was a Harley rally same weekend...:crybaby:

It is a grand show , however--get ther early on Thursady for best deals---

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How about making reservations.
Can I get free Tractor Bucks to spend???
Can I get free Tractor Bucks to spend???
Nice try! :thThumbsU:sidelaugh:sidelaugh
Carlisle GM National weekend is the same time this year!
i live 3 miles from the show if i was to stay at a hotel id look in chambersburg it is a little further but cheaper and nicer to stay cuase gettysburg has all the battlefeild torist and carlisle has all the car show people
chambersburg is only a 15 to 20 minuite drive of seenic apple orchards of right down rt. 30
That's good to hear. I hope no one else is reading this thread!
That's good to hear. I hope no one else is reading this thread!
don't worry I can't read
Wish I could go,but I have a feeling I won't be able to make it,Jake
I got motel reservations in Chambersburg and I'll be at the tractor show all day Saturday.

I promised my wife we could go to Sights and Sounds for the play on Friday.
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