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Hi folks!
I'm a new guy in this world of lawn tractors so bear with me 🙂.

I recently purchased a 44" snowblower attachment for my John Deere e170 lawn tractor.
I started the assembly and I installed the front hitch to the front of the tractor.

The starting position of the lever, when it's installed on the tractor, is very low - is that correct? (see pictures).
Also the starting position of the pin in an "ideal" position is off the locking hole - is that correct? (see pictures).

When the hitch is installed It's is very hard to squeeze the "brake" of the lever to engage the pin side to side.

When the "brake" is squeezed, while squeezing, it's very very hard (couldn't do it, literally impossible) to lift the hitch downwards (and the lever upwards) so the pin would lock under the frame of the hitch (I've tried this when I got to the point in the assembly of trying to install the housing to the hitch).
Manual :: Install Snowblower Housing to Hitch

So my question is - is my front hitch defective?

Please see pictures here: PICTURES
Manual :: Installing Hitch Assembly

Thank you in advance!
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