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Iron Horse Tiller

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I have an old iron horse tiller, and it has a broken torsion spring and I can't find one. Any suggestions where I could get one? I'm in Ottawa Canada. Here are some pictures.

Also, Does anyone have an idea of the age and value?

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Hi Mike,
I honestly don't know what it's worth. I figured aim high until I find out the true value. What are your thoughts on a price? I does need a torsion spring.
Yes it is an antique but not all antiques are collectable and have value
I have seen a couple of these around in my almost 50 years of playing with this stuff the last one the guy could not give me for free

If you check the internet I have not seen any collectors for these or those building one or parts for one and even if there was being in canada and more important MADE IN CANADA would just about make it worth it's weight in scrap IMO by the time it was shipped state side if there is a buyer since we just don't have the interest in any of this type of stuff of any make and model up here
Example I had 5 vintage lawnboy motors mostly 60's may be three years ago that I found bured in my barn all were desirable state side. Some of which I have seen the same ones sell on e-bay for 200 plus each

I could not even give them away at the end of the drive with a FREE sign or a kijiji listing up here in Canada
They eventually went for scrap
Your old iron horse tiller will be a tough sell at any price
However all the best with it
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Thanks for the information. I'm only thinking of selling it locally. Maybe as scrap it could be worth more, it weighs a ton! It works really well though (when it has a torsion spring), just can't find one!
Understand. Perhaps someone my want it. God knows since there is collectors of everything. Just not an item to me that I know any one collects but I have been wrong before.
That being said I have only ever seen one for sale I think it was in Edmonton and it was like 100 bucks
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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