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My name is Brian and I live in Indiana and I :greendr:eek:wn a John Deere Sabre 1338g Just was given to me yesterday and wanted to see about finding things out about it or help someone else thanks for the time.
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Hey Brian, congrats on the gift that you received. :thanku: for joining us,post some pics when you can.
Welcome aboard MTF have a good time
Thanks for allowing me here are some pics.


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Welcome to the forum from a fellow Hoosier. It looks like your Sabre is in pretty good shape. Nice tractor.
Thanks Chris yes it is I have to try and find out if the belt is the right one I tried to put it on the way I thought but when I try to engage it its like no belt is on it. It started fine before I took the battery out to clean the post and now won't start at all unless I jump from the starter.

I guess I did not do such a good job of saying much about me but I am a 13 year vet from the navy and now am disabled and try to stay busy with a bad back so least to say this was God sent to me.
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Welcome! Nifty looking machine.
Welcome Brian, nice to have you with us and good looking machine you got there :).

A good place for assistance with parts help and diagrams on your Sabre is the John Deere Parts Catalog, it will help with belt routing, numbers and any other information you may need to help keep your tractor maintained :fing32:.
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Thank you so much that helped alot.:thanku:
Welcome to the Forum:MTF_wel:
Question I have noticed that on my Sabre1338G rider that it has headlights but no switch it is just me missing it or do I have to install one. I now have one more thing to get for the freebie and that is my mower belt. :greendr:
I have the same mower and there is now switch for the lights they are always on..
:Welcome1: and enjoy the Sabre. slkpk
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