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Welcome aboard Ian.
You'll like what that BX2230 will do for you and @ only 160 hrs it's barely broke in. Matter of fact if those hrs are accurate it's gotten very little use over the course of it's approx 4 - 5 yr lifespan.

re. the alternator. Kubota makes a 40amp alternator kit that bolts right on up in place of the dynamo. It even uses the same belt which is a huge plus as that alone saves beau-coup labor to replace :D
The kit has a std part# and a Whole Goods part# and runs approx $200 up here in the States.
Std part# K2561-9862-0
Whole Goods part# BX7310; High Output alternator upgrade kit 480 Watts

re. the problem. I haven't seen a wireing diagram of the new kit so all I can offer is a couple swags (guesses)
1) The old regulator is not used with the new alternator and nust be removed as the kit includes an IC relay that replaces the reg and bolts in it's place.
2) There should be a heavy red wire that runs from the alt to the battery, this too should have been included in the kit.

I'm not sure what the IC relay does as I think the alt in the kit has a built in regulator, perhaps it's used to isolate the alt's the electrics with the key off.

Let us know how it goes.
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