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I live in central Illinois, am a plumber, married with two kids and a dog. I have just recently bought back the John Deere 650 compact utility tractor that my Dad bought new back in 1984 or 1985. It needs a paint job and tlc, but doesn't have a dent in it. It will make a nice restoration project. My son is hoping to mow some larger lawns with it, and I plan to use it for snow removal.
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Greetings from another resident of Central IL. Glad you found us and jumped in. Enjoy the restoration on that tractor, and keep the pictures posted!
Welcome tciplumber! Don't be shy and share some pictures of your 650... I think it's great that you're restoring it and keeping it in the family... someday your children may be doing another restore on it!
tciplumber, Welcome to MTF!:MTF_wel:
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