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Hey friends, I'm from Michigan and just getting into the world of lawn tractors and engine work. These are amazing tools to begin learning mechanical problem solving on and I'm having a great time doing it.

I have two riding tractors: an old MTD yard machines with a 14.5 HP Briggs and straton engine, and also a Scotts that I use to cut grass.

My issue came around when i tried putting new tires in my MTD Yard machine tractor. I attached some pictures for reference, but the the pivot bar assembly is rubbing against the inside of the wheels that I am using. I followed the install instructions for Yard Machines 3/4 wheel axels and it doesn't seem right. The wheels will toe in slightly towards the pivot bar when i move forward, and will move away from the pivot bar when i reverse.

Any ideas? I havent tried flipping the tires around yet, do the hubs usually have one side that is shorter and one side that it slightly longer? Any ideas help!


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:MTF_wel: Most wheels do have a longer hub on the inside. If those are the wheels that came off the tractor then turn them around. If you bought new wheels try turning them around too, but they may not be the right wheels.
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