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Hello. I posted this in the introductions page but It might get a better response here.

My family has about 10 tractora, two bulldozers, an excavator. Spread out over three properties. Most of it is antique compared to what probably most of you have. One of the bulldozers is almost WW2 vintage.

I know how to drive them. I can fix some things on them but i don't know much else outside of the equipment I'm use to. I've spent the last few years finishing up college so I'm a little rusty on the equipment.

So now on to the problem. I just got a hand-me down from a family friend that passed away. It's a International 300 utility. It's in grate condition and starts right up.

I have just one problem that needs solved before I can hook it up to the brush-hog.

I have no idea what the gears are on this thing....... I looked for a diagram on it but it looks like it was lost the last time it had a paint job. The only other international I've driven was the first tractor i ever drove, my dad's old tractor which is a pile of rusting parts in the back yard at the moment. I know the gears are not the same as the David brown or the Zetor and i don't want to use trial and error in this case. Although that's usually how i figure out the hydraulics any any new equipment. : P

Any help would be appreciated.
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