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Interesting repair today...

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One of my commercial customers brought in a 3 year old Kawasaki Mule 3010 UTV. 4WD, L/C engine, Locking Diff, dump bed...

He said that last week it randomly shut down a few times and would later start and run fine, then this morning, wouldnt start at all.

I confirmed it had spark, it would try to start on full choke. I pulled the inlet line and fuel poured out with the key on (electric fuel pump).

So I pulled the carb off the FD620V Kawasaki engine, there was some water and a few bits of debris but nothing really stood out. I blew it all out, put it together...started and ran for about a minute and a half, then died. i pulled the inlet flow.

I pulled the fuel pump and confirmed that I had power to the pump, it was perfect. I hooked the pump up, and it made some kind of noise and it jerked...fuel came out. I hooked it up, and it pumped fuel...until it filled the bowl, then it stopped and would not restart.

Kawasaki gets 175 for this little pump...

I went to Autozone and picked up a 42S micro pump, 3.5psi, 42gph. I spliced some butt connectors to the wires on the new pump, zip tied it to the frame, hit the key and it pumped right up...does not flood, and works perfectly...cost of the pump? 46.99 and its made by "Mr Gasket".

Interesting to note...on this Japanese product, the wires to the fuel pump are both has a yellow tracer, one has a green tracer. The Yellow tracer is the ground wire.
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That can be a very hard thing to diagnose,working,,but not up to par!!!

Makes me wonder if a guy could make that pump work on any GT engine?? lol
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