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Interesting little oddball mower

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found this on CL:

any guesses as to what it is? looks like like an older craftsman
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Where I grew up in Fitchburg Ma,we had a S.S. Kresge and a W.T. Grants store on main street,almost diectly across from each other..Woolworths was right next to Grats,my mom used to work there in the office-I remember going there after school,as it was only 1/4 mile from there,rather than walk 1-1/2 miles home to be alone,and the first thing I'd do was go tell her "I'll be in Grants--looking at the tractors!"...
I dont think any of those stores exist today...

I think that might be a Rugg,or maybe a Murray--but W.T. Grant had a few different manufacturers make their mowers for them--some were branded "Grants" too,I'm not sure if they had them made for them or if they actually had a production plant of their own...I know they had Huffys at the store I went too also,with Grants name on them..
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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