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Interesting little oddball mower

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found this on CL:

any guesses as to what it is? looks like like an older craftsman
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It's a good thing that is not close to me I would have it. Don't need another project but I could just see that restored or customized a wee bit.:thThumbsU
It is a 6 hp Sears tractor and in the last few months several people have posted pictures of them for sale and in various places on this site. If you look at the Sears fourum several people have posted pictures there. Most seem to be for sale on CL. Roger
Grant isn't a Sears brand, tho the manufacture was most likely the same. they were competitors back then. W.T Grant turned into the K Mart we know today
those front fenders are pretty cool
After reading his spelling, I figure he might be willing to sell it pretty cheap........
The fenders make it look like a Rugg, but I think the grill and hood are wrong.
W.T Grant turned into the K Mart we know today
Grants went out of business in the 70's and what we now know as K Mart used to be S S Kresge.
Where I grew up in Fitchburg Ma,we had a S.S. Kresge and a W.T. Grants store on main street,almost diectly across from each other..Woolworths was right next to Grats,my mom used to work there in the office-I remember going there after school,as it was only 1/4 mile from there,rather than walk 1-1/2 miles home to be alone,and the first thing I'd do was go tell her "I'll be in Grants--looking at the tractors!"...
I dont think any of those stores exist today...

I think that might be a Rugg,or maybe a Murray--but W.T. Grant had a few different manufacturers make their mowers for them--some were branded "Grants" too,I'm not sure if they had them made for them or if they actually had a production plant of their own...I know they had Huffys at the store I went too also,with Grants name on them..
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Grants also sold a bunch of stuff with a "Bradford" label. Not long ago there was a Bradford riding mower on CL.
Hello All,:howdy: Back (oh around1984) i had found one of those that someone was throwing out so i dragged it back to my grandmothers house (with my 8hp yardman lawn tractor) and proceeded to get it running.If my memory serves me it took me about 2 hours to get it running . I used to use it like a go-cart and i used to tweak the governor to make it go alot faster.:greendr:When i had to move out of my grandmothers i sold it for like $25.00 i think and it still would mow a lawn nicely.I wish i had kept it now:duh::duh:.Tootles:050::050::bellyemot:bellyemot:050::050:
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