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Installing a JD "Trunk" with Suitcase Weights

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I figured out how to mount the "tractor trunk" with the suitcase weights (5 total) on the rear (the trunk is designed to mount without the suitcase weights).

I like having the trunk, I can carry extra weight, my regular chains in case I need them, a shovel, extra fuel, salt, etc. The trunk also dumps, and I drilled holes in the bottom for drainage.

I used a pair of turnbuckles to pull the top of the mounting bracket to the rear and hooked it into a slot inside of the rear tire, the bottom is bolt through the trailer hitch hole with a large bolt (not shown)

The ratchet strap helps to hold everything tight with no rattles or clanging from the weights ;)

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that looks good, the only thing i would have done different would be to not drill the holes. the trunk comes in handy as a mobile water source during warmer weather. i would just leave the trunk in the dumped position to drain it when needed. but you can always put a dab of silicone in the holes if you need to haul water later.

i can't tell you how much i use my TT. i keep my grabber next to me on the X500 when mowing and that TT becomes a mobile trash can as i find cans(drawback to living right next to a road to local college), sticks, etc.
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yeah, the rated capacity is not that high to my knowledge, but i did the same thing with my 210 when i got mine!
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