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installing 48" deck on X320 problem

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I am re-installing the deck after installing the mulch kit in it. I think I can figure everything out except for one detail. I do not know how to unlock the deck lift pedal. I did lock it by moving the pedal all the way to the back of the lawnmower. I tried pushing forward on the pedal, but it will not unlock. The height adjustment is set for the lowest position. I cannot see anything that is binding. This is my first time removing/installing a lawnmower deck. So I am a newbie at this. Please help.

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Markcuda Yes you were referring to the front draft arms which are removed when the snow blower is attached ( and do have a right-side up!!!)Very important when they go back on in the spring !!!!!!!!!
bvollrath You do know you can adjust the height of the blower ( ***-u-me-ing a JD#44) with the same dial you use for the mower height. And you lock the blower up in the transport mode just like the mower deck, lowering ( releasing ) it by the button on the dash that you had trouble finding ( using or whatever) '@ the beginning of the thread.
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