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installing 48" deck on X320 problem

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I am re-installing the deck after installing the mulch kit in it. I think I can figure everything out except for one detail. I do not know how to unlock the deck lift pedal. I did lock it by moving the pedal all the way to the back of the lawnmower. I tried pushing forward on the pedal, but it will not unlock. The height adjustment is set for the lowest position. I cannot see anything that is binding. This is my first time removing/installing a lawnmower deck. So I am a newbie at this. Please help.

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Transport position is when the arms go all the way up... For example, with the mower deck on when you push the lift pedal all the way foward and then pull up on the lock lever, this is the transport position. The same thing happens without the deck on, the arms go all the way up... In this position the arms hang parallel with the frame and hang just below it.

As for when they are stuck in the up position, you do what your wife did...
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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