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Im not from Wisconsin so we dont have those Fon-du-lacs.

Team Greene:

I saw a woman in a Lexus try and play chicken with a combine a few years ago.

She called the cops when she wound up in the ditch demanding the farmer be arrested for assault with a farm implement. The cop and I had a laugh over this.

I offered to pull her out of the ditch and she refused and swore she would make the farmer pay. She wound up with a $150 ticket, $60 tow bill and was made to pay for boogering up the neighbors culvert.
I have this every time I need to take the payloader up to its winter parking lot or back. Carries a 14' snow pusher box. I do it at night with the strobes and all work lights on, reflective tape on a bright orange blade... I try to be courtious and most people aren't a problem, I pull as tight to the shoulder as I can and they can pass no problem. There is however, one small area with guard rails on both sides, a couple hundred feet long, where I can't do that. Now if someone comes to play chicken, I just lift the blade up so I can hang over the guard rail and oncoming car, they just sail thru oblivious...

knock on wood I guess...!
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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