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installed a set of strobes for the winter so i dont go to johndeere heaven LOL

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after almost getting hit last year on my parents tractor plowing i added these to my 111 so i dont get taken out of the tractor game haha :drunkie:


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:howdy:Hey Skip and Dexter,

Can I shamelessly steal your strobe ideas for my LA115 and snowblower?

It will help me mount SMV sign too with a cross bar of some type too. yay!!

Things dont look good in the Berco tractor cab department-I.E., being a S.S. pensioner:crybaby:, and I am sincerely impressed with using the cargo holes. I was wondering how I was going to go about doing this and have rear lights on the LA115 too Insert light bulb here, Happy holidays.:trink40:

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