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Installed a Dual Spool Hyd valve on PK2

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Hi all, I wanted to be able to have a separate hydraulic connection for use with the GB Power Grader and if I wanted to add hydraulic power angling to the dozer / plow blade. I had a nice small dual spool valve in the parts room so it was a matter of fabricating a mount for the valve and installing it on the tractor.
Got the mount done and painted so I installed the valve and gave it a test and it works as it should, now its to complete the installation.
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... I installed the valve and gave it a test and it works as it should
That's what counts! :thThumbsU
That'll be a handy feature!
Got the installation completed and the tractor back together and its working like it should, I think the 2nd Hyd connection will be handy in the future. May try installing a Hyd cylinder on the plow blade to make it into hydro angling.
Hi all, well today I finished up installing a hydraulic cylinder on the dozer plow blade for power angling and it works good in the shop didn't run the tractor out to try it but I'm sure I;ll get a chance in the future.
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Hi all, well on Wednesday I got the chance to try the PK for plowing snow and it worked good and the Hyd blade angling feature worked good and is nice to have.
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