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For those of you that want a quick and easy way to resize and post a limited number of images, MTF provides a built-in photo gallery. The advantages of using the MTF photo gallery are:

  • It does some image resizing FOR you (provided your images AREN'T way crazy large).
  • It's FAIRLY easy to use
  • It means you don't have to sign up for any other sort of picture sharing account
The big disadvantage of the MTF photo gallery is that each member gets only a bit of space. Each member (I'm not sure if this is different for Site Supporters versus non-supporters, does anyone know for sure) gets 4 megabytes of space. Thats enough for maybe 16 large size, high quality pictures (ie, something that is approximately 1024 x 768), or possibly up to 75 small pictures of lower quality). So, if you think you're going to need a large number of pictures (say, for an entire restoration thread), the gallery may not be for you.

That said, here's some instructions for how to use it.

Using the Image Gallery

You can get to the gallery by clicking the MTF Gallery link

To upload an image, click the Upload link

Fill in the Upload form (I've added some example information from an upload I did. One important thing this upload form shows is how much space you have left in your gallery. As you can see, I have 3.26 megabytes left in my gallery.

Clicking the Choose File button will let you select an image from your computer. I chose a 2 megaabyte image, which took maybe 45 seconds to upload once I submitted it. So, be patient. The rest of the fields on the form are NOT required, but give your viewers a bit more information.

Click the Submit button once you've got all the fields filled in that you'd like.

Once your image is posted, you'll see a window that looks like this:

To post this image in a post, highlight the BB Image Code (I've put a red box around it) at the bottom of the image, copy it, then paste it into your post.

Editing your Gallery

Editing your gallery is a bit harder, but since space is kinda limited, you may find that you need to remove SOME images and replace them with others. BE AWARE, tho, that if you remove an image from your gallery that you have included in a post, that image will no longer appear in the post!

To delete a picture, inside the Gallery, click the My Stuff link and select My Images to look to see what images you have.

When you are looking in your gallery, you can click on any of the images to display a larger view of it.

Once you are viewing the single image, go to the upper-right of the image and choose Image Tools.

Choose Edit Image from the Image Tools pane, and you'll see the "Delete This Image" option at the very top of the Edit Image page.

There ARE A bunch of other editing tools, feel free to upload an image and play with them!

Have fun!
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