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Inner axle seal question

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My tractor is a 1951 8N (Sn 432525). I am now working to put the axles back in place with new seals. Trouble is, there doesn't appear to be anywhere for them to seat. No milling in the housings, no milling on the axles. The only picture I have of the area is of the axle end with the bearing. What should I be seeing in the "trumpets" for the seals to fit into?

Thanks, guys.


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keep in mind that only late 8n's have the inner and outter axle seals..

Thanks guys. Those pictures show me that I have the earlier set-up. You might find it amusing to note that the PO had a set of inner seals just rolling around on the axles.

Thanks again.
yep.. no place in the trumpet for them to seat... wonder what they were thinking when thy pushed them up in there?

The seals are seated in the trumpets first...
ditto that for sure!

should be able to pul the axle once the bearing carrier is free.

sn 486754+ should have both I would think


n/m, I think I can determine that, by the direction of the cone bearing on the hub end of the axle, that the axle is thereby retained within the trumpet. That bearing is then pre-loaded by the axle nut outside the hub, thus holding the axle firmly in place on its outer and, and it is stabilized at the inner end by the differential side gear. Therefore, the axle can only be removed by removing the trumpet, correct? Furthermore, the inner axle oil seal (if my trumpet casting in fact contains one) cannot be replaced without removing the trumpet and axle, right?

1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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