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Inner axle seal question

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My tractor is a 1951 8N (Sn 432525). I am now working to put the axles back in place with new seals. Trouble is, there doesn't appear to be anywhere for them to seat. No milling in the housings, no milling on the axles. The only picture I have of the area is of the axle end with the bearing. What should I be seeing in the "trumpets" for the seals to fit into?

Thanks, guys.


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I made a trip to the garage to get picutres for you. None of the parts have been cleaned up yet, sorry about that but you can see the seals and sealing surface. The first is of the axle seal surface, next the seal in the trumpet and last is the bulge that can be seen when looking at the outside of the trumpet.

Hope these help.


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Keep in mind that even though your engine has a 51' serial number the rear castings my have been changed at some point. You might want to check the casting dates on your tumpets.

Mine is a 50' s/n 323257 and all the castings dates are within a month or so of each other and as you can see it has the seals.
Ya gotta wonder, don't ya?

So what is the procedure, if you have the correct set-up for putting in the inner seals? Mount them on the axles first and press both into the trumpet, or into the trumpet first and press in the axle. I would guess the axles first?
The seals are seated in the trumpets first...
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