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  1. Hello, i was hoping someone might be able to help me. I have a Ingersoll 5018 front cut 72in mower. Well it ran ok (only issue is it would sometimes back fire) until the last time i mowed with it the drive belt broke, snagged and shredded a black/yellow and black wire. My guess was they went to the pto but someone had rigged the wiring and does not match the diagram and i attached some photos to show the on connection. If i use the jumper between yellow and black it will do nothing, but if i use a ground on the tan it will turn over but wont spark(sparkplug), but if i jump tan and black it will turn over and spark (plug) but it will not stay running
  2. Looks like they bypassed some of the pto switch with that 3 connector but im not sure why
  3. Unsure if the wiring is still my problem or the carb due to sitting a year. But im unsure of the adjustment specs


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