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info wanted on a bolens garden tractor G16

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i found one for sale near me and i wanted some info before i went and looked at it, first off it comes with a mower deck, tiller and a snow blower, it needs a new electric clutch, and a pulley for the pto and it has flat tires for $500, my first question, is it worth it, second question, can this handle a molboard plow and if so what size
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That G16 can handle a moldboard plow. A Brinly plow was an optional piece of equipment for that tractor.
I have a 1257 that does very well with a plow.
Thanks, well does any one think it is worth the 500 with it needing new parts and how much does an electric pto go for on one of these
I thought all the G series tractors had the belt drive PTO.
I would guess the unit in question is a "XL"-g16xl not a tube frame. They use an electric clutch off either a tecumseh or briggs twin.Not my forte' [own tube frames] my dad has xl tractors,I see electic pto clutches sell from 50-150 on e-bay depending on the bidding frenzy.can't be much more help though :sorry1:Steve
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I don't think that there was a G16 tube frame. As far as I know, the G14 was the biggest of the gear driven tubers.

If it has an electric PTO it's one of the G16X-- Suburban tractors, which were closer to Lawn Tractors than Garden Tractors.

I don't see a plow on the attachment interchange list for them, but there is a sleeve hitch available which would let you use a plow.

I'm guessing that it would handle a plow if you aren't in real 'heavy' dirt. You would need wheel weights and/of liquid filled tires as well for traction.

But at $500.00 with a bad PTO...I think that's way too much. Those PTOs ain't cheap.

You would be better off looking for one of the older tube frames in the 12 and up HP range for plowing.
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thank you all for your input
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