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Info about Shredder attachment ?

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I picked up a shredder attachment a while ago and have not yet run it. I think it is lacking a tension pulley. Does anyone have a photo of a working unit, or maybe one from a brochure?
MacKissic Mighty Mac Compost Shredder Grinder, serial 760A 013776

Here you can see one pulley on the drive shaft and only one other on the grinder shaft. If you squint you can see a bracket with a slot under the large pulley, maybe for a tensioner.
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Thanks Bob, that's perfect!

Actually, I never thought I would see that exact model. Most others seem to have mounted on the front with a short shaft.

Mebbe I can use an idler from one of the mower decks.
I was pretty sure that I posted this for you the other day, but it's not here so I posted it again! These guys sell MacKissic parts in my neck of the woods but they should be able to let you know who your local dealer is.

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I must have missed your previous post. Thank you for reposting it.
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