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inflator pressure gauge

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i got this gauge for my bro i already have one it snaps right on air line no need for seprate gauge easy to read real nice


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I've seen a few of those on the pay air machines at gas stations. The ones located there didn't hold up well at all. They were as many 15 psi off, but I would say that if one was actually treated with respect and put away in it's proper place after using, it would hold up well. I've thought about getting one myself.
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The one on my compressor tells me what pressure is in the compressor tank and what is in my tires :)
Those have been around for EVER! Remember using one as a kid at my stepdads station.
I have one but it's not exactly accurate. Probably off about 3-5 psi. I use a seperate gauge along with it.

mine works good have checked behind myself with another gauge n they were the same
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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