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I'm waitin for the dew to dry...

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cause I don't wanna get wet grass stuck to my boy!!
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ditto, weeds are like roaches... nothing gets them.
its bout 7"below avg for rain.
even cemetaries quit watering

We've been pretty blessed this summer. We are ahead in rainfall. I've got >30" on my Davis rain gauge

My yard is finally recovering from six years of lousy lawnscalpers cutting it!

I've been cutting it almost every three to four days since February and my St. A is starting to look like a bowling green! Mulching since the oak tree drop was bagged in March.

Bolly, I don't like to cut with the grass wet either. Not only does it stick to my mowers, but it makes all my clothes green.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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