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Ive got a 1972 112l. Serial#250727M Type T0011,
I was using the unit last week,pulled up to my garage & shut it off to remove the deck.
Couple hrs went by,went to start it and no crank.
Checked the battery and it tested out at 13.6.
Turned out the coil was bad. Replaced the coil,but i get nothing at the key.
This unit has electric lift. With the key in the on position,if i pull the pto out,the starter engages.
The lift switch for the deck wi work on the down,but on the up it just clicks at the up solinoid.
I would like to view a wiring diagram.
Also,how can i "test" a relay & a solenoid?
My friend seems to think its lthe switch to the lift/lower motor.
Anyone,,feel free to chime in. I can and appreciate any& all feed back.
I removed the lift motor/lift actuator & tested it off the battery. It worked fine.
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