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I'm back...need help again.

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OK, this just didn't work out as I had hoped.... :fing20: Long story short, I've got about 3.5 acres of land. In need of a new mower. I convinced myself to cough up the extra dough to buy a zero turn.

I had what I thought was a great deal on a Toro Z4200 from Home Depot. It was a leftover model, got it for a steal. Turns out it has an electrical problem, so it's going back tomorrow, and I'm at square one.

Can anyone give me advice between these mowers?

Toro Z5000 w/21hp Kohler engine
White 50" ZTR w/22hp Briggs&Straton V twin
Craftsman 50" ZTR w/26hp Briggs&Straton Vtwin

All similar priced

Or....alternatively, any ideas what could be wrong with my Z4200? The battery goes dead after a day or two. And the battery is brand new, we bought a brand new one after the one in it was dead and not taking a charge.

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sounds like home depot has a problem not you.How long have you had the o
ne you have now ?
But then again thats a big box store all they want to do is sell the heck with the service end
home depot couldnt check oil in there own mowers much less check a mower out every thing the get back goes back to werever it came from for service
so it dont matter if it was five years ago and you got it and let them fix it.
and dont take no for a answer I could tell a story about a generaitor i got from them a few years ago but to make a long story short they payed me $500.00 for there mistake and screw ups
dont let them fool you make them fix it
And no dont mess with it then they will void the warranty
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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