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IH Cub Cadet NO. 2 Trailer

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Hey guys. I have a question. I have a chance to get a No.2 trailer for $200. It has some surface rust and needs some body work, nothing major. It seems like it would be a good deal, but I don't know. So what do yall think? And if you have one, what do you think about them, good, bad, collectable? Thanks for the comments.
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All of the carts that IH marketed are terribly collectible.

I paid $200.00 for mine a few years ago, that's about top dollar for a good used worker.

You will probably find it to be a little small for many things if you plan to use it.

Before you agree to buy it, raise the tongue and stand it on end, twist the bed a little and watch the corners to see if the welds are broken or not. If they are, that may give you a little room to bargain.
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Here is some pictures of it... Im still on the fence on the price though.


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You may be right, that one is a little rough for $200.00

If I wanted it really bad, I might pay $150.00 for it.
Nice trailer but, not that nice.

I would go for $100-$125.

Regardless, nice trailer. Do your best negotiating and get it. :fing32:
Nothing to do with the original post. Several years ago I was making a 250 mile trip about once a week. I'd pass a house with a trailer exactly like that parked by the front porch. About October it was piled high with firewood. Every week it had a little less. A few weeks and it would have a new big pile, then a little less each week. By May he'd have it parked empty in the shed behind the house. About October, again it was by the front porch piled high.
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