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IH 82 Combine is done for this year. Pics and Vids

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We got the ol' IH 82 Combine out last week and managed to get about 240
bushels of Oats all together. This was Oats that we planned on baling but the
weather didn't permit that. We had to stop last week because of high humidity
we finished today, got her cleaned up and put her away. We plan to bale the straw
tomorrow. I sure hope we can maintain her and she lasts a long time, it works
great, no speed demon that for sure.

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Thanks for the pictures..

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Nice job, Grateful11. Good to see somebody still using the old tools. My FIL had a couple of the Allis pull combines that we used for harvesting brome and bluestem seed. They also doubled as a fanning mill to prepare seed wheat for fall planting. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

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