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IH 574 3 Point Hitch Help

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This is my first time posting here. I have searched the internet far and wide to answer some questions that I have concerning the 3 point hitch on my IH 574. I am planning on borrowing a bush hog mower from a friend, and want to make sure I have all the accessories, if any, to hitch up and use his mower safely and effectively.

The first photo is of the business end of the tractor. I need to get a Cat II top link. I assume that when it is in the middle of its adjustment, it should be as long as my lower arms. Is this correct. Also, from this photo you can see that there are two hole to which I could potentially connect a top link. What is the difference?

Photo number two reveals a connection point on the outside of each lower arm that even has a pin sitting in it waiting to be used! What is this for? Added stabilization? The lower arms have check chains, but they are not adjustable.

The third photo is a closer look at the top link connection. Also, I've been wondering what those two horizontal bars are right below the top link holes.

Photo 4 shows a side profile of the 3 point and my fixed draw bar. Do my arms stick out far enough for the swinging draw bar to stay out of the way of any equipment or pto shafts?

Usually this tractor is doing loader work or running a tedder or a hay rake, both of which attach to the swinging draw bar.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I hope my photos are viewable.




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Hi O?k i'll try to answer your questions

1 re top link, this was originally supplied with a cat 1and a cat 2 ends and is reversible according to implement used. used a stepped pin at tractor end to fit cat 2 holes in top link mounting. You can buy replacement ends from a dealer although an aftermarket complete top link may be cheaper !!

2 Lower links yours are fitted with internal check chain assemblies to limit sideways movement of an implement when fitted. the extra pin is for use with external check chains if fitted, these attach to a 4 hole bracket mounted on the axle ( u cant see it on your tractor !!) you use either internal or external chain sets, they must not be used together !!!

3 Top link connection 2 holes, this assy is the top link torsion bar assy used for draft sensing (ground engaging implements Plows etc), top hole is for light implements snd bottom for heavy draft implements.the horizontal bars are the torsion sensing spring !!!

4 Draw bar position must be adjusted / removed to suit implements used. it usually has a long and a short hitch position.

do you have an operators manual ?? it explains all about these !!

I also sell genuine IH service manuals in PDF format, drop me a PM with your e mail address for further details if interested !!
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Thank you for your reply! So, if I'm understanding you correctly, I am pretty much all ready to go with my 3 point hitch, I just need to get a top link and pin from somewhere? I'm hoping that I have clearance around my drawbar and don't have to remove it. It would be GREAT to have a manual to this tractor. I will message you.

Thanks again.
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If the drawbar is like mine,(454 IH) remove the bolt and large washer and the larger pin will drop out and you can push the drawbar in. It's underneath
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