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IH 300 utility parts needed

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I have a chance to buy a IH 300 utility tractor with a front loader. The owner hit stump a few years ago and broke the steering. Someone took it apart and was going to fix it for him but all they did was steal a few parts. The steering box is missing along with the fuel tank and the hood. Anyone know where I can locate the parts I need? Will any other models interchange? I have worked on a lot of the letter model IH's but know nothing about the 300 series. Thanks Brian
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Parts from a 300 or 350 utility will fit and posibly from a 330 or 340, though I'm not so sure about that.
If you can'tfind anything close by I am salvaging a 300 utility right now, you can email me at [email protected] .
Thanks Parts Man ... I have not had any luck finding anything local yet, so I might be giving you a call.
Hood and gas tank are the same on the 300 and 350 utilities only. A complete steering box from a 300, 350, 330, 340 or 460 utility will work on a 300. If you are going from manual steering to power steering you will need the lines and possibly a valve to make it work. If you do find a steering box rebuild it with all new bearings and seals before putting it on the tractor, it is the weakest part of an otherwise strong and low maintenance machine. The only other trouble spot being the torque amplifier if it has one.

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