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a couple years ago i bought a ingersoll rand w150 impact at a auction for 60 bucks came with a turbo charger and 2 lithium batteries (it looked brand new reason i bought it). i been using it almost everyday. well ummm tonight the motor locked up on it. so i found a manual for it and then went around on google until i found one. every site wanted 30 bucks or more for just the shipping. i ended up having mom order through one site thats out of stock could take 2 weeks to get in stock for 8 bucks shipping part was 27.50. i looked at new impacts but right now i cant afford them. so i figure if i replace motor get a year or so out of it i am ahead. batteries are still good i can go all day on just one battery depending on what i am working on. new w150 is 107 bucks just for impact.
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