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if anyone's interested, there's a brand new 3813/4213 snowblower

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up on egay - must have put it up on a 2 or 3 day listing as i just saw it and it's only got one day left on the auction, but punch in "honda 3813" in the search box and it'll pull up
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Curious as to why some crucial parts are missing in the pics or perhaps seller decided not to unpack or take pics of everything.

All parts that attach to the frame are missing in the pics for example plus the lifting mechanism with handle and springs.
There's a brand spanking new one up now with a starting bid of $150 from the same dealer.

They also have a new snow blade kit for a 3813/4213.

It appears as if this dealer is purging their lawn tractor inventory. It will be interesting to see what else they put up that is new.

FWIW - awhile back there are was a new 4518 still on the showroom floor at a Honda dealer back in Ohio (I recall the asking price was $2850).

Who knows what is still out there on shelves that is still new???
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They must have ended the snow blade auction early, I'm not seeing it anymore.
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