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Identifing Ford tractor

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Hi I have been getting confusing info on this tractor, I think i have decoded most of the numbers.

But unsure of some especially the motor size. I have been told its a 158,175,192,201. A 1965 and 75.
Here is what i got.

c1013c 65/75 3000 agr diesel live pto 8sp
The books don't list a 75 though say built 65-75

5bo6b 2/6/65 75? day

star c455922 star
Tractor data says this is a 75 serial number
What do the stars mean?

The motor on the ear
E whats this?
60L13 whats this?
4m19b this seems to be dec 19th 1974 day

D4NN 6015 F 70's 4 tractor tractor 6th revision

star c696182 Star ? and what do the stars mean

I have been told this is a 76 and later motor cause it is a spin on filter with hex plug under it
Its got a cav pump and no thermo start

What kind of a Hodge Podge do i have here?

Thanks guys
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Well I can but it looks like all 65-75 ford 3000 except rough
The stars before and after the serial number just signify that what's between them is the serial number. c455922 is definitely a 1975 serial number. Yes, a production code starting with a 5 could be 1965 or 1975, but the serial number definitely makes it a 1975 tractor.

The 4m19b on the engine (December 19, 1974 day shift) is the date of assembly of the engine. The major components, engine, transmission, rear axle assembly, were each assembled separately ahead of the final assembly of the tractor itself, usually 1 to 3 months ahead, so a December 19, 1974 assembly date for the engine agrees with a February 2, 1975 assembly date for the tractor itself.

The fact that the model number (C1013C) starts with the letter C indicates that it was made after late 1968 as well, as they used a number (2 for 2000, 3 for 3000, 4 for 4000) from 1965 through late 1968, and switched to letters (B for 2000, C for 3000, D for 4000) in late 1968 and continued using letters through the rest of the production run.

A spin-on oil filter is not indicative of a 1976 or newer engine. They switched from the canister oil filter to the spin on oil filter on November 1, 1969 according to my parts book. My 1973 4000 has a spin on oil filter and the engine is original as far as I can tell. Yours may be a newer engine, but the fact that it has a 1974 date code on it makes me doubt it.
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I take it there are no numbers that indicate engine size.

Do welch or hex plugs under filter or for freeze plugs indicate anything?

I find it odd there is no thermo start aid on a diesel.
Could this mean it was headed to a warm climate area?

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If it is a 3000 diesel, it will have the 175 ci three cylinder. Nice tractor, I have one myself that I am restoring.

I am hoping to make this one into a nice tractor, just wish it had the diff lock on it.
Its got PS,live PTO and 8sp.

I thought it was a 175 but several have said it is different sizes.
I hoped those odd numbers told that story.

Guess i will have to tear it down to know. Its so easy to swap engines.

Odd that the 3000 gas is a 158 like the 2000's.
With same block and crank for gas or diesel for 2000 and 4000.

I was wrong it is welsh under factory spin on filter and freeze plugs.

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As far as I know, the 3000 diesel engine was 175 ci from the factory for all years (1965-1975). The raised casting numbers on the block and head could tell someone with the right reference books what size you have in there, but I would bet that it's the stock engine.

The thermostart feature was an option, so not all of the diesels will have it. So was the differential lock, which is the one thing that I really wish my 4000 had. It was up to the one doing the ordering from the factory to specify which options it would have, whether it was the dealer ordering from the factory for their showroom or whether it was an individual ordering exactly what they wanted through the dealer.
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Yea, its not like a car. You just don't add differential lock.
Everything is different from the transmission back.
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