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Ideas? Taming Land In Town

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I'm buying 2 lots adjacent to the 2 I own, and would like your critiques on my daunting project. :) Objectives:
  1. Remove brush and vines from around trees
  2. Smooth land: So kids can run on it without tripping on unevenness

Tools/equipment I'll have handy:
  • Chainsaws, Pole ChainSaw
  • Tractor w/ front bucket (borrowed, I've used it less than 5 times)
  • Bush hog for tractor
  • Box blade for tractor
  • Riding lawn mower, Walk behind mower
  • Matches

My current rough plan:
  1. Bush hog: lower onto brush around trees, trying to avoid thick stumps
  2. Chainsaw: Cut down thicker stuff
  3. Scoot stuff to a burn pile (& coordinate with town fire department)
  4. Pull down upper vines where possible
  5. Cut down unwanted trees
  6. Bush hog land as low as possible, scalping if necessary
  7. Box blade: Give it some aggressive forward lean, and drag it around the land several times to loosen the soil (clay like) and start smoothing it out
  8. Roll using water-filled roller behind lawn tractor (possibly?)

There's one notable thorn bush with super long thorns w/ barbs on them.

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Coordinating with the town fire department is an excellent idea. They may even be interested in the possibility of using your burn piles as a training exercise. They will definitely have advice as to the size of the burn piles and the clearance to nearby combustibles. :fing32:

Depending on the size of the thorn bush, an appropriately sized tracked excavator might be a better option than rubber tired tractors. Tear it down, bust it up, scrape it into a burn pile all its own and dig a deep hole to rake into for the remains, including any thorns left on the ground in the area. The rubber tired tractors could backfill the hole later without worries of thorn induced flat tires.

If the ground is level and has no major humps and bumps, a LT should have no problem with a water filled 48" roller. It's rolling weight as opposed to dragging weight. I have pulled my 17 cu-ft trailer, on 2 16x6.50-8 tires, full of dirt (about 2000 lb) on lawns with no problem. A 48" roller has almost 4 times the footprint and half the weight, and is larger in diameter besides.
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Tudor - Without a tracked excavator, is there another option? Possibly, remove carefully & burn?
I don't know. While we have a few small thorn bushes in this part of the world, they aren't much bigger than the size of bushes used to landscape the flower bed at the front of a house. The thorns on those are about an inch long, not the size of the spears that I've seen pics of on the forum.

I try real hard to keep my loaded tires away from large, sharp, pointy objects! I've collected more than enough nails lately. :Disgus:
Now that's a good piece of news! :thThumbsU
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