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Ideas for blade tilt-angle mechanism.

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The blade for my Troy-Bilt has a latch mechanism with 5 angle settings. The latch is spring-loaded, and looks like it may have been operated with a string? Nothing else came with it...

I'm looking to make something like I made for my JD 212, which unlatched the blade angle catch, and also swung the blade right/left. Problem is; I don't remember how I made that mechanism - it was several years ago, and my mind is old and rusty. I think I pretty much copied something I found online, but I can't seem to find it now.

Any of you fabrication geniuses want to weigh in on this? I have steel and a welder... it's the design skills I lack. :dunno:
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set it up with a bike bike. squeeze the brake to pull on the string and move the level
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