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Ideas for blade tilt-angle mechanism.

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The blade for my Troy-Bilt has a latch mechanism with 5 angle settings. The latch is spring-loaded, and looks like it may have been operated with a string? Nothing else came with it...

I'm looking to make something like I made for my JD 212, which unlatched the blade angle catch, and also swung the blade right/left. Problem is; I don't remember how I made that mechanism - it was several years ago, and my mind is old and rusty. I think I pretty much copied something I found online, but I can't seem to find it now.

Any of you fabrication geniuses want to weigh in on this? I have steel and a welder... it's the design skills I lack. :dunno:
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This is my custom fabrication ,,the bicycle brake lever and cable pulls the pin ,push and pull to turn blade.
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Well, I certainly appreciate the picture. I think mine was something like that, without the brake lever. Mine was set up so when I turned the lever, it released the latch. Push/pull worked the same. Your brake lever setup looks a lot more reliable...
For anyone else interested... I finally found the drawing of the setup for my JD 212 blade. The pin release was the hardest part to figure out... but it turns out it won't help me with the Troy-Bilt. :duh:

The bicycle thing is looking better and better...


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Before I built my blade angle adjuster, I found the picture for the John Deere mechanism also ,,,the twist to release was going to be a real pain to duplicate,,,then came up with the bicycle cable,which has been working for 5 years.
I like actuators and DPDT switches to move things.Here's a link to a thread where I helped my neighbor with a power angle on his 212 dozer blade.
set it up with a bike bike. squeeze the brake to pull on the string and move the level
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