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Idea I had for hydraulic identification

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I don't know what you all do to keep track of what hose goes to what port on you tractors. Well....I know some of you just buy another tractor so you don't have to remove implements. ;)
I previously tried a little dot of paint at each connector, but that appears to be wearing off much faster than I had anticipated. So I came up with this yesterday: I wrapped each end with colored electrical tape. Its got a few wraps on it so it is sticking to itself. We'll see how long it holds up; but I thought I'd share to see what else you all have come up with! :)

PS- I took the pic of the front of my 316 from far enough up so that the emblem is visible....just in case Katt reads my post. lol :fing32:


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The blue and red are minor violations of Rule #7 of the Green Card Permissions agreement. I highly recommend you consider going with a narrower strip of green and yellow, and do double stripes. Otherwise, we will send some folks over to straighten this out.

:biglaugh: Just kidding. Sort of.

Good idea. The newer units such as the SCUTs have color coded caps on the hydrualics.

Yeah the SCUTs is where I got the idea. All the caps I found at JD were all too big though- so I went this route. ;)
Probably cost me less anyway.....
on our larger equipment we use zip ties for our hydraulic lines. color coded for things like the implement wings, up/down, ect. since there are two lines for each cylinder there is one zip tie for "down" and two zip ties for "up" so we keep them all straight and simple
I found these during a search:

If we all pool together, ...........................
Various colors of heat-shrink tubing would work well, since there isn't an adhesive to break down.
Haven't heard of the shrink tube idea, but it sounds good. Colored cable ties work pretty good.

There's a few guys on eBay that sell universal caps in assorted colors.

So.. the 300 series hydraulic couplings are a smaller size than the 400 series? :hide:
I will probably go to zip ties when the tape wears out.

I would assume the couplers are the same- but like I said- all the dealer had was bigger ones.
Great job. I bought a green, yellow, and silver outlet covers from JD (factory on an X7xx), black one's I already had on the 318. Then I used the same color of elec tape with zip tie around the tape to keep it from coming off.

I really like your cupholders and handles- what model did you borrow those from?
Thanks. The handles & toolbox are from a JD 425. Cup holders are from pool table supply store.
If I trouble remembering, I will do the zip ties.
Question tho, on my 317 the right hand couplers/ inside lever go to the raise/lower cylinder since it is the one with the float. Is you 316 different? Looks like the pivot on yours goes to the right hand couplers>:trink40:
Correct! My right hand (blue and green- inside lever) run the angle. The left side (red and yellow- outside lever) run the lift and has the float. If you remember- the 316 has only one spool stock. I added the H2 kit- and the hard lines are the right side ports, but the float valve channel is on the other side of the valve body for me. So the float valve went to the new lines on the left side. I suppose I could have dismantled the body and moved it, but since I didn't know any different it didn't really matter to me.
Thanks, cause this ole'man was confused. Now I know and a good reason to have them marked! :trink40:
It really made hooking up the 49 blower a pain. The hoses are JUST long enough to reach my left side so I can float the blower- but I had to move the 90 degree fittings a bit to be able to hook up the hoses.
I guess I should have clarified my 316 Onan- vs the old 316 Kohler- which I believe had 2 spools like your 317. ;)
My fault, I jumped to the conclusion that it was a Kohler since it had 4 hydro connections. Didn't even thinnnnk about you adding h2 to it. I would convert it the simple way like you did. :trink40:
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