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I have this tractor and would LOVE your input on its value before I toss it up on here & probably craigslist for sale. I don't have pictures at this moment, but will plan to get them within a week or so.

Here is the information I have at hand (while I'm at work right now).

1972 Sears 18/6 Twin tractor (18hp)
My father-in-law bought it brand new, has every oil change, fluid change, maintence record for it from 1972 to present. All original paint, decals, etc in tact. I do not believe there is any rust on the tractor.

With the tractor he gave us: the mower deck (obviously) extra blades, *Sears 42" Snowblower* (but may look to sell that seperately depending on value), tire chains, wheel weights, *4000W Generator*, tires are all in good condition. This is an 8 speed tractor, 3 F 1 R x high/low. Starts everytime, never a spit or sputter.

We just built a house on 5 acres, and that is too much to do with that tractor year in and out, so we are looking into a Kubota BX2660 for our land needs.

I am sorry I don't know the hours off hand but can look.

Also we have:
2001-2002 Sears/Craftsman Tractor (dark green in main color), also was my father-in-law's bought brand new, and every bit of maintanence documented. I believe it has a 16hp Kohler engine, hydrostatic transmission, mowing deck. We will be selling both, but would like your input on pricing. I have my idea, but would like yours. Thanks again!!

You are welcome to post price ideas or PM me

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Without pics and hours, it's hard to say offhand, but the '72 sure sounds nice.
That generator is probably a little rare. With all the attachments, definitely in the 1k range, and the newer one is probably worth a little less.
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