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Ice on Driveway- Will it hurt snowblower?

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I have a LA145 with 44" snowblower which has been working excellent. However, I missed a snowfall this weekend that was quite slushy, which immediately froze. I used salt on it and melted most of it but now there is a lot of pieces of ice over the driveway. It just snowed again and I am concerned that the blower will pickup ice and damage the auger or chute. Will it hurt anything?
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For a bit of crusted ice on top of snow it shouldn't be a problem, say 1/2 - 3/4" thick. If it's too much your shear pin will go. I've chewed through that with no problem, but I have a single stage and the auger rotates much faster so it pulverizes the ice. Your first stage should break it up into small pieces and then your second stage should be able to pulverize it; as long as your blower isn't one of the newer ones with a plastic double stage. On a side note; it makes no sense why mother JD moved to a plastic second stage . . . other then saving on production cost and still charging the same to the end user.
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