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I want another one...

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I recently picked up a snapper/MF 1650a and love it. Its my go to mower for anything. But now I want one for fun I want one thats not hydrostatic. This one popped up the other day and I think its an old suburban maybe? and if Im not mistaken all gear driven. Not to mention the price is right. If its not already sold is this the kinda rig im looking for?
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You better grab it quick,that one won't be around long.:goodl:
it looks like it has the hi-lo range shifter,if so it will make a good heavyduty toy for you.
Well before I even wrote this thread I emailed about the tractor. Since, I have written twice more with no reply. This one might have slipped by. Whatever the case a return email would be nice...
At that price .. I bet the seller got 50 plus legit e-mails .. and 25 e-mails from scam artists
well i got a reply that it was sold. kinda expected that. But I saw this one...

would this one be non hydro?
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