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I have the same HF tach for my i1050...what's your take on the max RPM for the Courage 25?

Not meaning to hijack...

Hi Jack:

I became a bit suspicious of the governed speed of my new tractor after cutting for 15 hours. I noticed the cutting wasn't quite as clean as it had been and the engine seemed to bog on hilly heavy cuts (Remember, I live on 5 acres surrounded by pasture). As part of the "break in" oil change and service checked the RPM and indeed as Toolin' states it was low.

I adjusted mine up to 3400 RPM and the cut was much cleaner. On top of the cleaner cut the swarf ejection was better as well. :fing32:

I chose to leave the governed speed at 3400 more because I was running out of thread on the adjustment screw than anything else. It takes some serious adjusting to effect must change in the governed engine speed.
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