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i really need some help

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i got a kohler, scotts, john deer s2554 mower and yesterday my son was driving it and found out you can pop a wheele with it :duh: and i think the rear axle is broke or the driveshaft (If there is one). ok so the symptoms are it runs when you hit the gas it doesnt move unless your on a down hill otherwise if its a flat surface its to much for it to move. that about all i can think of so let me know if you have any ideas and suggestions all would be appriciated thanks!

Ps. if it gets up to speed sometimes it will drive around up or down hill
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maybe you got lucky and he just stretched the belt. i do not think the scotts machiens were shaft driven, just belt driven.

he could have also sheared a key in the wheel hub. jack the rear end up and see if the wheel spins on the axle as opposed to teh axle spinning with the wheel. if so, then it may be a 2.00 key is all you need!
that sounds about right, the tire should turn a little. you cna try cranking it up and having someone mash the forward pedal slightly while you hold the tire. if teh tire won't spin out of your hand(be careful not to burn you hand!) you should be able to at least see the point of slippage.

next would be to crank it up and have someone drive it forward/reverse and you look to see if the axle is spinning but the wheel not moving. or just pull the wheels off and check the keys.

as bontai joe said, could also be the pully on top. so check it too.

it also could be the drive pulley on the crankshaft of the engine. that one should always spin at engine speed, no matter whther the machine moves or not.

i don't think the tranny itself is hurt since once you get it up to speed it wants to stay working. i think you got something slipping and when it finally binds just right it allows it to work. this could be belt, pulley or axle where it is slipping.
my son would be cutting my 4 acres with the 21" pushmower if he did that! of course, getting my son to even drive one of my tractors would be a miracle. i think he is scared he would tear soemthing up and i would kill him!
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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