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i really need some help

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i got a kohler, scotts, john deer s2554 mower and yesterday my son was driving it and found out you can pop a wheele with it :duh: and i think the rear axle is broke or the driveshaft (If there is one). ok so the symptoms are it runs when you hit the gas it doesnt move unless your on a down hill otherwise if its a flat surface its to much for it to move. that about all i can think of so let me know if you have any ideas and suggestions all would be appriciated thanks!

Ps. if it gets up to speed sometimes it will drive around up or down hill
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maybe you got lucky and he just stretched the belt. i do not think the scotts machiens were shaft driven, just belt driven.

he could have also sheared a key in the wheel hub. jack the rear end up and see if the wheel spins on the axle as opposed to teh axle spinning with the wheel. if so, then it may be a 2.00 key is all you need!
Ok so i did what you said and jacked it up. it has about 1in of play before the other wheel starts to turn the other way as it should so is that what your talking about with the key? if not i will go ahead and replace the belt i was thinking maybe he sheered the gears in the transmission?
thanks so much ill try working on it more and keep it posted. Thanks again you guys have been a major help.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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