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I really hated to part this out

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I parted out the 8481 today. Its was in very nice condition. But It was a gold mine of parts too. I needed the rear wheel bearings, maybe the trans, front wheels, wheel brackets, shortblock, cables, shroud, gas tank, walbro carb etc. It was a very well put together machine. It also had a horrible handle arrangement and the lower part of the handle was broken.

I going to store the bare deck for a few a little while, if someone wants it, speak up. Its free if you pick up. But please be serious!

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Funny, I pictured you as a little older and a guy.
I'm just an old guy that's never had kids, but is her right foot REALLY close to a knife? You're giving me a coronary!

Yes, parting out is always an option. Some day I'm sure I'll dismatle one of my LBs to help build someone else's dream machine.
I think its a hammer.

Hey man, you gotta do what you gotta do. Sometimes it is worth more to part a machine that doesn't work so you can fix 2 others. That's my opinion anyway.
Seeing your deck like this tells me how my 8480 is put together. Too bad it wasnt runnable. What is the real difference between the 8480 and the 8481? I have wondered that for some time now.
I have a nice running 10525 that lost all it's paint. If I repaint it and DISCLOSE that when I sell it I'll probably only get $150 for it. If I can get $75 for the powerhead and another $25-40 for the rest of the parts, why should I waste the time prettying up this thing? I understand your dilemna completely.

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