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I need some motor options.

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This time of year my PK doesn't see much use unless I'm pulling a trailer around the yard. But I like to crank it at least once a week to keep the battery up. Well, after 3 years of great service, my 1612's crank and rod have decided to part ways. They haven't come apart yet. It started as a light tapping and in less than a minute, was knocking hard enough to feel it in the seat. I shut it off and pushed it into the garage.
I haven't pulled the motor down yet to survey the damage. But in case of the worst, what options do I have? Is a rebuild financially feasible or do I save for a new motor?
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well its a 12hp so im going to say its a kohler k301. i agree with dave, internal parts aren't hard to come by.
Those kits on ebay look pretty good for the price.
I agree, I was suprised at the cost. Especially if your in need of rebuilding a kohler, I don't think it could be beat
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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