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I need some motor options.

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This time of year my PK doesn't see much use unless I'm pulling a trailer around the yard. But I like to crank it at least once a week to keep the battery up. Well, after 3 years of great service, my 1612's crank and rod have decided to part ways. They haven't come apart yet. It started as a light tapping and in less than a minute, was knocking hard enough to feel it in the seat. I shut it off and pushed it into the garage.
I haven't pulled the motor down yet to survey the damage. But in case of the worst, what options do I have? Is a rebuild financially feasible or do I save for a new motor?
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After pricing new motors, a rebuild is definitely in order. Where do I look for parts?
Thanks for the input. I'll post some info when I go into the engine.
I have had good luck with the kits off of ebay.
That's good to hear. I just can't afford Kohler parts and I need my tractor too bad to wait for more money.
Thanks for the quick replies guys. Hopefully, in the next few days, I'll get it open and see what the damage is.
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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