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I need help installing new pto clutch

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Not sure how to adjust it properly, any and all help much appreciated.
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Don't think there is an amp gauge on a JD 420 L&G tractor.
Factory/stock: battery\charging system warning light on the instrument panel.

A section in the TM 1590 describes in detail, with photos, the removal, disassembly, inspection, assembly & installation of front pto clutches on 316, 318 & 420 L&G tractors. Couldn't hurt to ask your dealer if they'd provide you with those pages. Only 5 or 6.

CD versions of the TM 1590 are cheaper than hard copies & often handier as you can look up what you want & print just the page(s) you want to. JD-D
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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